Sunday, July 11, 2010


to everyone on lv.

Saturday, July 10, 2010 (6:56 PM)
(I'm feeling sick)
To whoever gives a flying fuck to read this. I am so sick of the accusations of how the marathon money is supposidly being spent. The freaking money is still sitting in the paypal account.. WAITING for the call to go the the god for saken shots. LEn DOES work and makes an income SORRY for having a good time every once in a while. Besides... what the hell does it matter where the money went. WHen i donate money at the grocery store to the cancer society or childrens miracle network I do not ask where the money is going. I just feel good knowing im helping a child or ill person in need. Len and I did NOT ask for this money.. it was generously donated by people who cared. We ARE greatly appreciative of everyone who put time money and effort into the marathon.. and things DO take time. PAtience is a virtue! We did not scam anyone, WE are not like that at all. Hell our car was broke down for 3 weeks.. we went without a car.. didnt even touch the money donated to fix it. As for the hockey tickets... Austin won them at his bowling leauge along with the limo ride. The laptop.. when i was working.. i won that at work for top sales. The alcohol the other night,,, GST.. money us Canadians get back from WORKING! Hmmm and as I recall.. i think Rondi told Len and i several times to use the money donated to go buy alcohol and have a good time! DId you not? Spend it on yourselves.. get away from things? HUh Rondi? Im glad you did what you did in doing the marathon... but im hurt at the things you have said about us. Maybe i should have listened to Train and his warnings about everyone. I now know who my true friends are and aren't and they are the ones that are not questiong the money and talking behind our backs. Take this blog how you want.. I dont feel i really need to be explaining myself to anyone. But im sick of the god damn accusations and talk about me and my son. Shame on all of you for thinking we would pull such a scam. There are people here on LV who themselves have met Austin in person and have seen how bad he is. Im sorry WE have to wait for the dr's and government to make a decision as to when the shots will be done. And i cant wait for the these shots to happen. Im gonna get videos and pictures and rub it all in your mother fucking faces you can see how hurt and sore this little boy is day in and day out. Thank you to those that believe in me! Thanks to those you have been there for me and to the rest of you GO to hell!


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