Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Broadcasting Live" The 34th American Royal BBQ Contest... and will be our Live Broadcasting channels for this years 34th American Royal BBQ Contest. We will be "Winging It" so follow us on twitter for our latest broadcasting show-times.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Steve Mayberry Memorial CookOff 2013...

Jeff Wyatt


 Rudolph's Meat Market.  First time here for a Black Angus Choice brisket.  Brisket was really nice.  Better than i expected.

 Thanks Brad for dinner.  Awesome.  Brad Buesing is a great cook and a great guy.

 Stupid mistakes.  Cookin for eating is not cooking for competing.  That's why i'm here.  Lesson learned. Haven't done this in two years.

 So great.  Volunteers went and picked up breakfast and coffee for all the cooks.  So Great.  Really hit the spot.
 Last one in gets the corner.  Shoulda got by Scott Smith.  Next time.

 Havin Fun.
 Scott and Susan Smith.  Found out Susan and I went to the same jr. high in Mesquite during the same years, Agnew Jr High.  Need to get out my annuals.

 Another stupid mistake.

 Jeff Wyatt and David Reed.  These guys are the best.
 Never again in hot weather.  Worth it but not fun. 

 Didn't see those temp probe holes until i got home.  I was so wasted.  #hot

 All these guys volunteered in this 100 degree weekend.  They let em munch on the leftover ribs when all the judging was done.  Man i wanted one too.

 As you can see the shade tells the story.

 Mr. Bud.
 Susan Mayberry.  She's the glue for this great weekend.  She is a blessing.

 Had some great young cooks for this years contest.  #chops
 Ed Faulder, 4th in steak and 5th in chicken.  About to go to KC for the Royal with Ed and Jeff.  Ed is one of the best around. As a cook and a person.  Cooking along side Ed was his brother Chuck who got 3rd in brisket.  Both did super good and we all had lots of fun. 

 Team Redneck 3rd beans, 1st chicken, 2nd brisket.  At the contest there was an unclaimed 4th Place Rib ticket stub.  Just found out last night that the ticket stub belonged to Jeff.  wtf David.  #gettheheadout

 Scott Smith.