Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Key Lime Pie ina Box...

 Really Easy & Really Really Good...

Braun Hughes new cook @FranklinBBQ & John Lewis leaves...

John Lewis has left Franklin BBQ, and Aaron has hired Braun Hughes.
  John is leaving for Cali & wants to do more KCBS Cook-Offs.  Should be hearing & seeing more from Porky's Revenge as John has already been kicking ass in just a short amount of time on the KCBS bbq circuit.  John is hanging for a few weeks with JMueller to learn sum Q from the best before he leaves.  Wish John the best.

original article from RL Reeves Jr The Scrumptious Chef
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MamaShed All Good Pie...

Last week going through a tin recipe box belonging to my stepmother (of 50 yrs) that passed away, I found this old recipe card (pictured below) belonging to her mother Grandma Ruth. I remember as a child both of them making this together on special occasions. As their story goes, this pie came about during the depression. There are many versions of this in the South stemming from folks using ingredients that where available to them by trade or bartering. Grandma Ruth bartered with tons of pecans for a handful of raisins. This is her old school Tampa recipe from us to you. We hope you enjoy it!

All Good Pie

Regular pie crust (not deep dish) forked and browned.
1 stick melted butter
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup chopped nuts (recipe calls for mixed nuts) It is probably what was available.
1/2 cup raisins (I like the golden ones)
2 eggs
1 Tablespoon cider vinegar
1 teaspoon All Spice
1 teaspoon Nutmeg

Mix together, put in pie crust and bake @ 375 for 10 minutes then (see note on original recipe) 324 for 30. I don't know where that 324 came from but buddy I'll tell ya, that is what I set my oven on, you don't mess with Ms. Ruth.

Hope you enjoy it!
MamaShed and the Gang

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brisket mop... Dina Clark

3 Cups of Apple Juice
1/2 Cups of Cider Vinegar
1/2 Cups of Worcestershire Sauce
1 Cup of Canola Oil

1.) Put all Ingredients in the sauce pan on medium heat to boil... stir ...then, turn heat to low and let it keep boiling for 20 minutes. let it cool.

2.) Prepare your spray bottle

NOTE: Shake the bottle every time you spray the sauce into the meat.


  Start out by giving Daniel Delaney of Delaney's Barbecue big respect.  I've sorta been doing the same thing as Daniel this summer, but with much less directive.  Goal is to be more versed in the brisket cook of A. Franklin & J. Lewis.  Post Oak, salt/pepper & creekstone farms.  No Oak Cliff this year.  #priorities #24hrfitness #brisketlabTx

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Concert Ticket Stub Collection/ mine...

 #1.  Feb 3, 1978 Dallas Convention Center Leon & Mary Russell, Balcony sec. 15 row C seat 5. I was 18.  This was my first concert.  Only fragments of memories from this concert.   
  I made my concert ticket stub collection a digital pictorial.  Have wanted to do this for a while.  94 total.  Each stub has many memories.  Can't believe I still have them all.  I'll add info for each ticket as I can remember and research. 

most #1 seen group:
Judas Priest, 8 times
may 78
oct 5, 79
may 25, 80
june 13, 81
sept 11,82
april 30, 84
june 27, 86
sept 24, 88

#2.  March 1978 Friday Night Ft. Worth Convention Center Judas Priest, BTO and Foghat. Tire got slashed in the parking lot.  mine.
#4.  Thin Lizzy, Richard Blackmore's Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio,  and Kansas.  This was a super concert. 
#5. Sammy Hagar warm-up band to Boston.
#6. Reo Speedwagon.
#7. Foreigner.
#8. Triumph.

#9. Black Sabbath, 1 unused ticket.
#10. Yes.
#11.  AC/DC first American tour, warm-up band for Journey.
#12.  Triumph.
#13.  Rush.
#14.  AC/DC.
#15.  Judas Priest.
#16.  Rush.
#17.  Triumph & UFO.
#18.  Judas Priest.
#19.  AC/DC.
#20.  The Kinks.
#21.  Frank Zappa.
#22.  Nazareth.
#23.  Def Leppard warm-up for Blackfoot.  We went to see Def Leppard.
Me and Cheryl made it up to the front row.  We left as soon as Blackfoot started. 
#24.  Ozzy Osbourne.  Friends wife won four tickets from The Zoo radio station.  Row L seat 4 on the floor.  Top 5 concert. Randy Rhoads was awesome. Died March 19, 1982.
#25.  Iron Maiden warm-up for Judas Priest.
#26.  Peter Frampton.
#27.  Foghat.
#28.  Van Halen. Had to carry someone to the car. Susan.
#29.  Rolling Stones sat. & sunday @the cotton bowl.
#30.  Ozzy Osbourne bites a bats head off in San Antonio and gets arrested just before leaving for Dallas.  Concert 2 hours late waiting on Ozzy.
#31.  Scorpions.
#32.  Cheap Trick.
#33.  Van Halen.
#34.  Aerosmith.
#35.  Pat Travers warm-up band for Richard Blackmore's Rainbow.
#36.  J. Geils Band.
#37.  Devo.  Wish I could have a do-over on this one.  One of my many extremely Stupid mistakes. Very sorry Cheryl.
#38.  Judas Priest.
#39.  Tom Petty.
#40.  Eric Clapton.
#41.  KISS.
#42.  Mavs.
#43.  Def Leppard.
#44.  Eddie Money, The Fixx & Mitch Ryder.
#45.  ZZ Top.
#46.  AC/DC.
#47.   KISS.
#48.  Saxon.
#49.  Ted Nugent.  Wish i didn't go to this one.
#50.  Scorpions.
#51.  Mon. April 30, 1984 Judas Priest REUNION ARENA 
Sec 30 3rd row seat 9. 
Spent six night's in the alley behind Ticket-Master for front row tickets.  Beat the scalpers and got our pictures took for the Dallas Morning News. #frontpage
Sold them and kept 3rd row.  As soon as the light's went down we were all next to the stage.
First one to slap Robert Halford's hand on stage. 

#52.  Ratt @The Roxz Ft. Worth.