Monday, August 26, 2013

@BluesBanditsBBQ 4th Annual... Oct. 25-26 2013

Blues Bandits and BBQ
October 26, 2013
Festival from noon to 6 p.m.
BBQ tasting/judging from 1 – 4.

BBQ Team registration
Opens August 23
BBQ Team Load-In
Friday, October 25
4 p.m.

The 4th Annual Blues, Bandits, and BBQ festival will be held in Kidd Springs Park this year, located in the heart of historic Oak Cliff.

Like my grandson Henry would say, "Let's do this".

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ATx BBQ Roadtrip 2013...

 First stop Miller's Smokehouse.
 New on the menu, Chicken Salad. 
 Mr Miller's soon to-be newest Employee.
 Thank you Mr Miller for the great food and hospitality.  Sorry we didn't stop back by for sum Ribs on the way back home.  We will be back soon for sure.

 Austin Tx.

 Loren Doyen & Adrian Whipp
Lumiere Tintype Photography, presently located on the la_barbecue lot, was our 1st visit inside Austin city limits.  Adrian was awesome and I got myself a sweet ass photo.
1st evening was all about the Bat.  Every visitor should stop down at least one night for an Austin Bat Fly-Over.  In the boat for $10.00 or standing on the Congress Ave Bridge for free, mother nature never disappoints.
 Torchy's Tacos for Thursday Night dinner.
Thought I had time to run over from the hotel to Sandy's Custard before it started raining.  Wrong.
 Embassy Suits took great care of us on our visit.

 All Austin BBQ Road-trips should begin at the top and work your way down.  Friday morning at John Mueller's.  The Best.
 Mr John Lewis.  John's way is my way.
 Looks like someone we know see's us but doesn't say hi.  Oh well, said Hi when I saw them.  All is good.  Paparazzi?  No.
 2nd stop Friday was to LA Barbecue on 1st St.  Pick up my photo and say hi to John, Ali, LeAnn and Ashley.  Such a great day.
 Freedmen's Bar was Friday Night's Dinner.  Brisket, Ribs, Duck and Pork Belly.  Best platter of BBQ I've ever had.  Thank you Mr Evan for a superb meal.  Honor to meet you.

 Blue Ox BBQ, our 5th stop, was just about sold out of everything by the time we got there.  Sausage no, warm potato salad yes.   We will be back for sure.  Found out where Aaron Franklin's first try at building a smoker went.