Friday, November 28, 2008

"sweet & spicy # 4" PITTALK &

the fun never ends. smokin ronnie's new bbq sauce, {"sweet & spicy #4"} is a blend of sugars and peppers that will be a perfect match with our old school Texas Style brisket rub. This bbq season has been the summer of brisket at SR's bbq. now with our sauce complete, we can move forward to cooking them together. A southwestern bbq taste that will be nothing short of a flavor explosion. you will not want one without the other. sweet. is giving SR's bbq a new way to reach out to the rookie bbq pitmaster as well as families looking for the best in old school Texas Style "PIT" bbq. Which as we all know is the very best. many thanks to greg rempe of for giving us the idea of free internet radio broadcasting. we now have a new bbq show on that will begin broadcasting any day. our show will be a live web-cam garage cook, as well as doing remote's at bbq shak's in the local Dallas & Ft. Worth area. many ideas are brewing, and this will lead to more Sat. night bbq fun than ever before. could get "Crazy Man." greg rempe also does an internet bbq radio show on his show is bbq central and is on every tuesday night at 8. he can be reached at the show is 1 hour and he always has several top bbq celeb's as guest, as well as prize's for lucky callers. 216-220-0966
Douglas Dye was the lucky winner of the pick the name of the show game with PITTALK. he will recieve a 10 lb. super sweet brisket and one bottle of "sweet & spicy #4 bbq sauce. many thank's to doug with all his help and constant bbq motovation. we're gettin there pop's, we're gettin there.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

sweet&spicy #4

sweet&spicy #4 is just about there. our first test was on Sunday night's grilled chicken. havin much fun testing out our sweet&spicy bbq sauce. it's all about the flavor. when I cook it's got to be about flavor. in everything I cook. All About The Flavor!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

brisket cook 11/2/08

sat night had a wild football game. longhorn's lost with just seconds to go.
cooked 4 briskets and brewed up second shot at sweet and spicy.
had a great time and all is good. pecan and hickory. sweet.
meet Daniel's meat market's wife. she ate some brisket and had many kind words to say.
she thinks i should sale my rub at there store.
all is good. havin fun. we're gettin there pop's, we're gettin there.
my luck of the summer was meeting doug and carole ritter of ritter's bbq. trader's village. who would of thought.
everything has changed. and it is all good. "DOWN HOME SOUTHERN BBQ GOOD".
today was a good day.