Sunday, March 22, 2009

Huck's Hut TV bbq cookin...

huck's hut bbq tv on
doin some serious cookin em up.
also have new bbq show on
tweet them at
this will be the best bbq summer of all time. bbq bbq everywhere, sweet. eat more bbq!!!

6000 site hits 03/22/09


Thursday, March 12, 2009

website counter breakdown 3/12/09

Oct. 9 2008 @ 3300 {in 407 days 3300 hits} 8.1 hits per day
Dec. 12 2008 @ 4000 {in 64 days 700 hits} 10.9 hits per day
Feb. 3 2009 @ 5000 {in 54 days 1000 hits} 18.5 hits per day
March 10 2009 @ 5600 {in 35 days 600 hits} 17.1 hits per day
March 12 2009 @ 5720 {in 2 days 120 hits} 60 hits per day

Sunday, March 8, 2009


trevor halcomb has now been a marine for exactly one week.
he is now in san diego. havin fun. we are all very very
proud of our son trevor halcomb the US marine.
the few the proud semper fi.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pittalk show #1 in the books

today march 7 2009 was our first broadcast of our little bbq show called pittalk.
many thanks to for use of there site. free is good. our first show
was filmed at the Houston Livestock & Rodeo bbq contest. many thanks to mr. Tom
Donahue of the Bellaire Boys Smokin' Team for inviting us in and letting us film
while they where cooking for the competition. i have contacted him since filming
and he has invited us down for next years contest to possibly work in the pits and
learn even more of what real texas bbq is all about. havin fun.
the last 6 months of observing and being part of social and professional broadcasting
has made me many new friends and taught me many new life's lessons. all have been
worth every penny. i hope i can pass these off to my friends and family. like the old saying, " you find out who your real friends are when they visit you in the hospital."
many shows and bbq fun in the future. number 1 is in the books.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bellaire Boys Smokin' Team Houston 2009

my road trip to the houston bbq contest 2009 was nothing short of bbq heaven.
many thanks to chief head cook Tom Donahue for inviting us into the pit
at 4 am in the morning. mr. donahue will be the guest star for our first movie
on our little bbq show called PITTALK. big shout out to the bellaire boys smokin' team.
and we have been invited back next year to work in the pits at the 2010 contest.
they are some special people.