Tuesday, September 11, 2007

labor day weekend

fri/sat/sun/monday, we had a blast all weekend. cooked up 2 briskets,
4 chickens, 2 boston butt/pork shoulders, and several types of sausage.
I made several mistakes with the firebox and the cooking temps. will
never cook a brisket with the fat side down. that did not work out at all.
the chickens turned out super, super good!! but i did learn from my mistakes
and have fixed the problems. next month is going to be about the rib.
picking up some rib/rub from some of the BBQ circuit guys and will report back.

prices/ 9/11/07

briskets go for about 80 to 100.00
chickens are about 10 to 12.50
sausage/ 10.00
pork shoulders/ 85 to 100.00
full rack rib/ 15 to 25.00
ham/ 75 to 85.00

all $ depending on the { lb. }