Thursday, July 24, 2008

KISS TECHNIQUE {keep it simple stupid}

recipe for success, keep menu simple.
have good food and a small menu.
what we do, do right consistently.
keep your kitchen in order.
three B's of success, ( barbeque, blues, & beer. )
smokin ronnie 7/24/08

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Robert "Poppa Jack" Jackson "DOWN HOME SOUTHERN BBQ"!!!!

"Poppa Jack's Shed Spread"
Our next venture is to capture a bottle of MSS.
We might do a road trip to ocean springs mississippi
if that's what it calls for. I hope we can visit The Shed
as soon as possible. Real "Down Home Southern BBQ"!!!!
This is the beginning of smokin ronnie's motif.
Smokin Ronnie's will do our best to keep Poppa Jack's
legend alive. How sweet it is!

Our first bbq movie was filmed and produced over the
july 4th holiday weekend. The movies are up, and so is
our bbq. Everything went perfect. Now we are in search
for the Poppa Jack's Shed Spread. Mississippi Sweet Sauce
is what we are after. Thank you Poppa Jack for steering us
into this sweet direction. I will do my best to keep your
legend alive. MSS

smokin ronnie 6/21/08