Saturday, October 6, 2007

I am now

today I bought the domain name for
many thanks to my friend rashad hatch. RH has been very
instrumental in keeping me motivated. Friends like him are
few and hard to come by. many thanks rh.

tomorrow is a big day at smokin ronnies. we have 3 racks of ribs,
2 cornish game hens, and 1 turkey to cook on the smoker. I'm using
5 different types of rubs for our rib rub experiments. this should be
a fun sunday.
sr/ sat night/ 9: pm

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

labor day weekend

fri/sat/sun/monday, we had a blast all weekend. cooked up 2 briskets,
4 chickens, 2 boston butt/pork shoulders, and several types of sausage.
I made several mistakes with the firebox and the cooking temps. will
never cook a brisket with the fat side down. that did not work out at all.
the chickens turned out super, super good!! but i did learn from my mistakes
and have fixed the problems. next month is going to be about the rib.
picking up some rib/rub from some of the BBQ circuit guys and will report back.

prices/ 9/11/07

briskets go for about 80 to 100.00
chickens are about 10 to 12.50
sausage/ 10.00
pork shoulders/ 85 to 100.00
full rack rib/ 15 to 25.00
ham/ 75 to 85.00

all $ depending on the { lb. }

Monday, August 27, 2007

This weekend the smokin ronnies bbq website is up and running.
thanks to i was able to start an easy and cool
looking website for totally free. it will get us by until we have
more customers wanting our service. i hope the pics of our meat
on the grill will make you so hungry that you think of us every weekend.
8/26/07 midnight

Sunday, May 20, 2007

BBQ Party 4 Robert

on may 18th 2007, we smoked 6 briskets and 25 lbs of saugage for my friend robert barfield.
roberts last day at work was a bbq blowout. fun, fun, much fun. was my first test for cooking
up some brisket for a timed planned event. could not have turned out much better. we will all
miss our friend robert. he is off to arizona.