Thursday, February 26, 2009

Road Trip

friday we are headed down to Houston town
for the Livestock,Rodeo and BBQ Contest 2009.
Doin lotsa filmin for our
bbq show. Should be lots of fun and as
usual very educational. and this time for sure,
the final design of our sauce label.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winner on BBQ Central Show Again!!!

tonight was a special night indeed.
i was the lucky winner again on
the bbq central radio show.
i won a three pack of bbq sauce and
a t-shirt from a man right next door
to me in Mckinny TX. Chef Bradley of
was a call-in guest on the show and was
kind enough to give away some sauce to "me",
the winner for the second time in 3 months. sweet.

and within minutes of me winning some free sauce,
i got an e-mail from one of my dearest friend's.
Lori, AKA "beach baby" from southern Florida.
the picture she sent say's it all. love you dear...

new bbq sauce label


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet&Spicy #4 weekend

Sweet weekend. Friday afternoon meet Mr. Daniel of Daniels Meat Market.
He also lives about 10 houses down from us. Told him about our little bbq show,
and he thought it was a fantastic idea. He has agreed to let us film a show
at his business, and also discussed possibly bringing my pit and selling bbq
in his parking lot. SWEET!!! Brewed up sauce and sending out bottles all over
the country. Beach Baby in Florida, Kaeos of Chaotic Radio in NY, Greg Rempe of BBQ Central in Ohio, Ketha my doctor's nurse in Dallas, and Rebecca at work all get
a fresh brewed bottle of sweet&spicy #4. Also Pitt won the Super Bowl.
Sweet Weekend. PITTALK will air Saturday's at noon cst. Fun weekend.
sr thank you Lord for many blessings. "will get there pop's, will get there."