Saturday, July 11, 2009

6 weeks of brisket practice, "Week One"

1st Sat brisket practice.
cooked with tips from mr chris jones.
he has shared a few tips that will
surely be very beneficial for me to
place well in the Autumn Fest bbq contest. many thanks mr chris
of Colins Creek BBQ.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

JULY 4th 2009

party time was all good. Howell got a new smoker. sweet.
once again many lessons learned.
from now on cooking will be scaled back.
one brisket and one pork shoulder only, will be
cooking for quality only for near future. get exactly the rub
recipe I want and make it perfect. no more playin around.
F everybody else. there loss.
wrap 2/3's way in. always trim. everything else seems to be a good.
get rub perfect. bob gibson's pork shoulder injection recipe is a good.
thank you Lord for blessing me with the friendship of Miss Diva Q.
Leo is stayin with us till Ryan gets a new place. He has been abused.
Can't have that. He is a sweetie. thank you Lord for all my blessings.
will get it right yet.
Will never forget Mr. Ricardo. What a friend indeed.