Sunday, August 17, 2008

a day@the shed...

the more i research "the shed bbq", the more respect i have for the owner brad orrison. marketing has its place. a very important place. i've grown as a person and as a rookie entrepreneur.
i see and judge the way he runs his business. some things i believe he does perfectly. some things i would change in a heartbeat. but at the end of the day, he is the boss and i am not there yet. but i'm staying super positive by always ending my postings by writing a line out of the "Godfather". {we're getting there pop's. we're getting there.} many thanks mr. orrison.
for some reason the good lord has steered me in your direction.

The Sauce...

poppa jack's sweet sauce is the real deal. sweet and tangy, a delightful mixture of sugar and spices. 25 years of poppa jack's life was spent perfecting this sauce recipe. he succeeded.

The Shed Road Trip 2008

I bow to the skills of the legend "Poppa Jack".

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's on. road trip to The Shed...

next friday night me and myles are
headed to ocean springs mississippi.
sat. night @ The Shed BBQ if all goes well.
need to sample bb back's and poppa jack's
famous mississippi sweet sauce.
diddley squat is the blue's band scheduled.
will be bringing back at least 1 gallon of sauce.
vacation is last two weeks of august. hope to cook
several days. want to cook pork spareribs/ and try several
different brisket recipes. work on sweet sauce. start collecting
spices and other ingredient's. cooking is getting better/ faster.
hirsch meat market in plano tx. has been an extra bonus.
"hot", but so far it's been a fun summer.
were gettin there. sr 8/8/08

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"eat more BBQ!!!

first day of S R's BBQ poster image now on website.
must always have "eat more BBQ!!!" in reflex blue color.
"reppin" Little Elm TX.

S R's BBQ image

S R's BBQ is our newest poster image
to put up in our soon to be bbq shak.
sounds kool also!