Sunday, September 2, 2012

6th grade Birthday Party at H. L Hunt 's House...

6Th grade swimming birthday party at H. L. Hunt's White Rock Lake Mansion 1972.
My best friend at 12 yrs old was Les. His girlfriend was Debbie Beck.  Debbie's mom was H.L. Hunt's Private Secretary.  Each person could take 1 guest, Les took me.  Partied all day at the Hunt pool, burgers and chips/drinks for lunch.  Got to meet Mr. Hunt on his front porch and shake his hand before we left.  Killer day, top 5 all-time Killer Days.

Looking up from lake.  Pics took June 1, 2012.
Looking down to front view of lake.  Straight south.
Looking south east.
Looking south west.
Straight view from lake road.
pool house.
Pool view from next door drive way.

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