Sunday, July 11, 2010

lisa, wanda, & johanna barnes...

jojo is seated in the picture.

**** can you please tell me what happened to johanna.

She was killed in a car accident in 96.

i was told at about that time, she was murdered.

No, but she may as well have been (i'm just a little resentful). The guy she was dating and she had been drinking and they had been argueing about what I dont know. There weren't any other cars involved, he just lost control of the car on hwy 19 in Van Zandt co. The only injury he sustained was some nerve damage in one arm. All he got was probation. His name is Neil Brashear.

well ****, thanks for talking with me about it. i liked johanna very much. i have thought about her many many times. thanks again and i will talk at cha soon. ronnie


hey kristi, im sorry to bug you, im trying to find out if you are johanna's daughter. i was dating her right about the time you where about 1 to 1 1/2. i've just been finding out some information about jojo and was just wondering about her girl. if this is you, i liked your mom very much. she was very sweet. im really sorry for bothering you, just sorta felt i had too. thanks for your time. ronnie halcomb

Yeah its me. HI! :)

thought so. Kristi & Crystal. that's how ya'll got ya'lls names. very good. your mom was a sweety, and she will always have a big place in my heart. you where right at 1 yr old when we dated. i feel a little better just by getting to chat with ya. ty dear. anything you ever need or just to chat about your mom or anything under the sun, just let me know. all my contact stuff is on my fb page. talk to ya soon. ronnie

i took ur mom to her first heavy metal concert. WASP. then i got us 7th row seats at reunion for Van Halen. she was hooked.

Yeah she was cool. I miss her. The last ex boyfriend who contacted me was a real weirdo. SO after your first e-mail i was hesitant to reply. You seem ok. Same to you if you have any questions or whatever send me a line

very good. i understand. also u thru up in my camaro once. never did get that stain out. hahahaha seriously though, i liked ur mom very very much. she was special. my mom passed away when i was 20. i always say the good lord takes the good ones first. keep goin to school. don't stop. if u ever need me for anything what so ever, even just to chat, please do. be good and stay outa trouble. ronnie

I thru up alot of places when i was a kid. LOL. i thru up eggs in a pool once. YUCK! So i seen you are friends with my aunt lisa and my cousins dad sammy. Have you always been friends with them or did you find them on here? What happened between you and my mom?

i met les and florence in 78 when i got outa high school in garland. they lived in the same apts. as some guys i went to school with. and my friend mike's sister worked with flo at ma bell, now ATT. a few years later i started dating sams sister cheryl. we dated for 3 years then broke up. during that time sam meet wanda. that's about when u where born. after about a year after me and cheryl broke up i meet ur mom and we started dating. i really really liked ur mom. and i thought she really liked me. and u where nothing but a sweety. i changed many of ur diapers. it was sorta bad timing i think. u know, the whole world is really about timing. i was just a couple of years older than ur mom. but the worst thing for me was that she had just gotten out of the relationship with ur dad. and i don't think it went to well. i never met ur dad, but then again i only got ur moms side of the story. so i think she just didn't want to get back into a serious relationship. everything was going ok until i took a night job in printing. that was the beginning of the end. i tried but, just didn't work for jojo. she started dating someone else. then about 3 months later she wanted to date me again. we talked but she was still just wanting to date and have fun. that was ok with me, but i sorta didn't want to have my heart broken all over again. and when me and cheryl broke up, my heart was broke then too. i just did not want to go through that for a third time in less than 2 years. so i said no. the last time i saw her was at sam and wanda's apt. i was stupid and left cuz she was there, and i didn't want to see her. she came out and wanted to talk to me but i left. if i could have that day back. u musta been about 2 to 2 1/2. ur mom was so pretty and so sweet. i still have feelings for her today. if i didn't take that night job, who knows. i would have done anything for her. and i was crushed for a long time when i found out she passed away. cheryl told me about it right after it happened. man this all sounds silly huh. we where all just young and dumb, like they say. but jojo was the best. seems like yesterday. honestly kristi, i was very much in love with jojo. she was so perfect. i luv u to dear. talk to ya again soon. ronnie

Thank you for opening up. We cant go back though. I think everyone has things that, looking back, we would have changed. what i remember yeah she was pretty cool. i would do about anything to have her back. She always worked hard and was going to school to be a nurse. She did whatever she had to to take care of me. Its been 14 long years but its ok. She knows she was loved and i know she loved me and its ok.

very good. keep goin to school. i will write u to see how u doin. b good. ronnie

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