Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leslie V. Arterburn, Jr

i see that les was 3 months from being 49 when he died. tell me kinda what happened. i would appreciate it.

he got sick and mom took him to the er and they found cancer. he went down hill fast. you would not believe all the people that came when he died. people from way back. it was one big party at the grave. they put everything you can think of in with him. drugs of all kinds and everything he like to drink. before he died he got real small. Shannon would carry him to the bath room and anywhere he needed to go. all he would eat was chocolate shakes. he lost all of his hair he wouldn't let anyone but us kids come over. he didn't want anyone to see him. there is so much more i could tell you, some day we will get together and talk.

miss u guys. would love to get together. let me know.

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