Saturday, July 21, 2012

Twisted Root Burger Co. Plano...

  Many friends have told me how great Twisted Root burgers were.  So there was high expectation on my part.  All that being said, i was anxious to get my hands on a TR burger.  The Shops of Legacy offer's a nice atmosphere for dinning out with a date or loved one.  Pics from our visit to Shops of Legacy are above this post.
  The buns are full of butter, which is kinda nice.  The meat is 100% beef for sure.  And the price really wasn't that bad, about $$$ 12 ea.  Twisted Root has been voted the best burger in Dallas, and probably well deserved.  My thought's are, "a burger can really only be so good".  I've cooked many a burger on my Weber grill that was the bomb.  But Twisted Root come's very close.  Don't complain about the price, your paying for some great atmosphere.  But I haven't been to the other spots.  All in all it was pretty good.  Pretty dam good burgers.


"The Bacon Bomb" my favorite.

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