Friday, July 13, 2012

Salsa Tex Mex Frisco...

Friday night dinner at Salsa Tex Mex restaurant was very disapointing
to say the least.  Usually when a place is packed it's a 99% sure thing that your about to get some really good food.  Tonight not so much.  Laurie got the tortilla soup & cheese taco, soup watery with no flavor & fake cheese that was served cold.  I got the grilled chicken with onion's & mushrooms, very few little tiny mushrooms with lots of onion's that were undercooked.  The chicken was cooked correctly but had ZERO flavor & was very dry.  When you have grilled chicken on your menu it has to be marinated over night.  Most Mexican restaurant's marinate all there chicken.  It's the only way to add flavor and moisture unless you are injecting like at a bbq contest.  Tex Mex sits right in the middle of a huge housing area with lots of kids.  Almost every table had kids.  Momma & Daddy love to get there drink on with the Margarita's.  Several other comments also added the "No Flavor".  "Wontbeback".

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