Friday, July 27, 2012

El Guapo"s Denton...

  After watching DFW Foodies sat night, we thought we'd plan a trip to El Guapo's in Denton.  It's down on Elm St. in an old usta' be Safeway store.  
We kept it simple, can't afford to be loosing money on bad food.  Grilled chicken for me and Tortilla soup for Laurie.  The chicken was topped with queso and served atop a very flavorful rice.  I'm glad I didn't ask for the sauce on the side, it really went well with the flavor of the perfectly cooked chicken.  The cheese atop the grilled veggies though almost ruined the whole plate.  It was just too much cheese.  Next time I'll fix that.  But for the price it was a pretty good dinner.  Laurie thought the soup was good but it wasn't Tupy's.  Did I say how much she love's Tupy's?
Price. $$

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