Sunday, May 22, 2011

facebook message from Famous Dave Anderson to Brooke Orrison Lewis

Famous Dave you are The Man. sr

Brooke thanks for letting me vent...just need to get this across!I don't think the “so called” weekend bbq warriors can be too rough on us in Best In Smoke because we had no idea what us competitors were getting into but we were honored to have been asked. Once you're on the show, you don't quit but you forge ahead even though its lettuce on a grill. I put 35 years of smoking real BBQ on the line for what can be considered "garnishes" Dad's southern roots and my real pit ribs still speak for themselves. The smoker that I am using is a real Real Pit they don't make anymore. I think sometimes we get too hung up on ourselves today because when I started learning from my dad almost 50 years ago... there were no marinades, rubs, injections, fancy sauces or aluminum foil. No Waygu. It was salt & pepper only and slow smoked over whatever hardwood we could get our hands on. The smoke came from smoldering hardwood coals. You had to sit right there and watch your pit. No computers. No side mounted fire boxes. Our sauce was nothing more than Open Pit, Hot Sauce, and Molasses. My mom & dad food stand was nothing more than young saplings covered by a canvas tarp. Let's just honor anyone who attempts to put meat on some flames! We’re all part of the bbq brotherhood... and no one should put others down for doing what they do on a grill or a pit. We all started somewhere and back then we had concrete blocks and corrugated tin roof and then when I moved up it was to an old galvanized garbage can… I thought I was in hog heaven. With all the tofu going on today… let’s celebrate anyone who puts meat in their mouth…"Famous Dave"

Famous Dave....I want you to know how much you inspire our Shed BBQ Team. Thank you so much for sharing your trials and tribulations to the world and thank you for believing in others.
Your Friend,
Brooke :-)
The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint

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