Thursday, May 19, 2011

Latest Update { 9/7/2011 } on Blues Bandits & BBQ 2011...

Latest e-mail update from Rob Shearer. 9/7/2011

 Hello to the 2010 competitors of Blues, Bandits and BBQ-

I'm writing to you first to give you the first opportunity to sign up
to compete in this year's Blues, Bandits and BBQ event. As you've
probably heard, we moved the event to the weekend of October 21 & 22
in the hopes that it won't be so danged hot... and we've made a few
other changes we think you'll approve of.

First - this is not going to be a grass fed competition. It was fun
last year to try something new in the BBQ world, but the overwhelming
feedback from competitors and judges was 'please, please, please give
us our corn fed cattle fat!'. So we hear you and that's what we're
going to do.

We're also eliminating the need to make your own sausage for the
sausage category. If you know a brand you like and you think you can
cook it up well... then go for it. Or if you make the best sausage
around, then please do!

And we're adding a pulled pork category!

The other big change is the location. We're hosting this event in the
park at Lake Cliff Park. If you are familiar with the park we will be
on the south end of the lake, near the corner of Crawford and 5th. All
smokers/ grills will be parked on the grass, and we're hoping this
makes for a more relaxing, comfortable spot for competitors and

So here's the deal. This year you bring your own meat... you can pick
out the best brisket, best chickens, best sausage, best pork butt and
best ribs you can find. There's a flat fee of $100 to enter, and that
just goes to help us cover the cost for security and permits. And we
ask that you compete in at least 3 categories... but we hope you'll
compete in all 5 categories!

To enter just follow this link, fill out your information, enter your
credit card and you are good to go!

Let me know what questions you've got and we'll start posting this to
the general public in the coming days.

Look forward to seeing you in October! It's going to be a great weekend.


Rob Shearer
Chair, Blues, Bandits & BBQ
Go Oak Cliff

Date is firm - Oct 21 & 22nd. Starting cooking the evening of the 21st
and the party will be on the 22nd.

Still working on categories... but we're NOT doing grass fed anything
this year. Bring your own meat. Probably adding a pulled pork category
and thinking of adding a sauce competition. 
Should have firm details by the end of the week. I'll keep you posted.


We have a tentative date of Saturday, October 22nd. Change of location this year too... we're going to have it at Lake Cliff Park which is near the intersection of Colorado and Zang.

I'll get you more details shortly - hoping to firm everything up in the next few weeks!


Rob Shearer

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