Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Morning @Ham & Eggs Lewisville...

well well. start out by saying i'm sorta a new-bee at writing for UrbanSpoon. try to read most of the reviews before ever leaving the house to hit up a new place. and i really don't like spending my hard earned $$$ to eat just to have a new spot on my urbanspoon beentoo
map. and love to eat good food like most everyone else. so sunday morning my wife says she'll buy if i can find a mom and pop breakfast place sorta close. there is not a whole lot of just breakfast places except I-Hop around here. so i looked up and found Ham & Eggs in Lewisville. reviews where mixed. if they liked, they really liked. if they disliked, they really disliked.
our meal started out like this. my wife's cup had a grease film on top when she poured her own soda. i spoke to the lady and she brought her another one. np. shit happens. i got simple links, potatoes and eggs with a bisquit, plain gravy and a glass of tea. my wife got the same except with bacon. after sitting there for 30 minutes waiting, my wife says they musta lost our order cuz 3 tables that came in after us where already getting there food. she was right. the waitress new they had lost our order but she played the volume game. she new she was not getting a big tip from us so she went ahead and served the 3 other tables. 3 outa 4 is better than 1. she wins. we loose.
so putting all that aside, now we have our food, with some sorta huge kinda bisquit. didn't really get the huge bisquit thing. links sucked. eggs sucked. potatoes had NO spice what so ever. Sucked. my wife didn't come close to finishing her plate. i tasted her bacon. Sucked.
Huge bisquit, Sucked.
I really don't feel good about writing a negative food review. But in this case i can't in my heart tell anyone else to eat there and then take my other reviews serious. Ham & Eggs, I wont be back.
and there is some story about a lady that used to run the place named Jackie Shields. Cool story but has nothing to do with the taste or service of a food shack.

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