Monday, March 21, 2011

Mel's Coney Island Frisco / Little Elm TX.

My friend Nick said it best for this review.

"Another Failure in Frisco".
With this being the third restaurant to use this location, I would almost say that it is cursed. The food was fast food quality at best, overpriced, and the wait staff was horrible. Go to 7-Eleven if you want a hot dog, because you're not getting much more from this place. Nick.

Our first dinner i got a chili dog and fry's. simple i thought, specially since they called there place "Coney Island". It was ok at best. Thought i would try it one more time on a friday night before i was about to go hang with some friends at a bbq contest. Just wanted a quick chili dog. What i got was a COLD quick chili dog. will never go back. do what Nick says and go to 7-11 or Sonic. sr

Update:  CLOSED

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