Thursday, March 10, 2011

Come on Summer part #3... almost here...

so hot the bottles are sweating!!!!!

Jerk Rubbed Rack of Lamb last night Hilo Bay Cafe by Chef Joshua Ketner ! It was amazing and of course delicious. The sauce had pineapple, nice touch. Served with sauteed baby spinach and rice. The only change I would have made is garlic mashed potatoes for the rice. Or maybe make the rice saffron rice. It was so good! I even nibbled on the bones. fb friend Devany Vickery-Davidson.
party on Guy Herrera of Big Kauna's BBQ & Catering,
Portland Oregon...

mulberry wood.
mulberry |ˈməlˌberē|
1 (also mulberry tree or bush) a small deciduous tree with broad leaves, native to the Far East and long cultivated elsewhere. • Genus Morus, family Moraceae, in particular the white mulberry ( M. alba), originally grown for feeding silkworms, and the black (or common) mulberry ( M. nigra), grown for its fruit. See also paper mulberry .
• the dark red or white loganberrylike fruit of this tree.
2 a dark red or purple color : [as adj. ] a mulberry carpet.
ORIGIN Old English mōrberie, from Latin morum + berry ; related to Dutch moerbezie and German Maulbeere.

Pork loins marinated 24 hours in orange juice, The Rub Co. Competition Style Rub, soy sauce, and garlic.

mr. moe.

Two Grill'n Chickens. One stuffed with Green Peppers & Habanero Peppers, & Lemon Pepper Seasoning + Bandiola #13 Rub..Hot Chicken-Hot Hot Hot! The other stuffed with Clementines and Covered in Bandiola Mediterrarean Seasoning...Oooh LaLa..Plus Red Potatoes in Garlic Sauce under the foil! MMMMM!!!

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