Thursday, December 9, 2010

my dear friend from ohio, patti p.

patti have a good day and a wonderful christmas....
can't wait for christmas......
havin whole hog christmas fun...


Thanks so much Ronnie.
December 17 is my last day with For Rent. It was my turn to get chopped after
13 years. Carrollton will be doing the Columbus Issue. I understand where they
are coming from but it's still difficult. I love this job, always have. So I
guess it's time to stop talking about doing Freelance and actually get busy
and do it. I have to say you were one of the most pleasant people I've
encountered in my years here, I loved working with you and enjoy your sense of
humor and candor. I'll still see you on Facebook and enjoy reading your
recipes, and hopefully now that I'll have some time on my hands, get to visit
my brother in Plano and stop by for some barbeque!!
Take care and have a Brilliant, Sparkling Holiday!
ciao amigo.

oh man, i'm sorry.
well, the good lord closes some doors, and opens others.
i will miss u here with all my heart.
but will for sure make it a point to keep in contact with you forever.
anything or anyway i can help, just let me know.
when u visit plano please let me know, and dinner for ur family is on me. i PROMISE!!!
i will be keeping in touch. many prayers out ur way and u take care.
my moms favorite saying.
hard work will not pay off today and probably won't pay off tomorrow.
but hard work always pays off.
work hard at getting ur freelance career going and great things will come ur way.
and there are some jobs in dfw. if ur willing to move.
u never know which way the wind might blow. just sayin.
i will see u down the road and u will be eating some smokin ronnie's bbq fo sho.

Thanks for the kind words Ronnie and the prayers, that means a lot to me.
You are right that this is a time of trust that God has a better plan for me than I could have for myself so its a test of faith as well, and in that I am confident.
Your mom is right and I will remember her words. Hope to see you in Texas one day! Can't move there right now, we could never sell the house in this market, for what we want anyway and my husband's job is here. I have a daughter in LA and another a sophomore in college here in Columbus so maybe when she graduates we may move to the West Coast.
The Winds of Change are not always negative, they can bring much growth and wisdom.
ciao for now.

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