Thursday, September 22, 2011

Traders Village IBCA Cook-Off 2011

28th International Bar-B-Que Cookoff

October 8th-9th 2011

Barbeque smoke will fill the air for two days in five different competitions during the 28th Annual International Bar-B-Que Cookers Association Cookoff at Traders Village in Grand Prairie.

This is one of the largest BBQ events in Texas and this year’s event is expected to be even larger. Over 100 cookers will prepare over 600 judging samples, in the two days of competition. Thousands of dollars in prize money will attract BBQ cooks from across the state and beyond. The event is free to the public both days, with only a $3.00 parking fee.

Saturday, October 8, will have the following lineup of BBQ competition: The Obie-Cue Backyard BBQ Championship, the International Bar-B-Que Cookers Association Invitational and a Kid’s Cookoff. The Obie-Cue event is open to anyone with a patio, or backyard grill or smoker and will offer Obie-Cues Texas Spice products and $1,000.00 in prize money. The International Bar-B-Que Cookers Association (IBCA) Invitational is for this year’s I.B.C.A. season qualifiers (by invitations only).

Sunday, October 9, will feature the I.B.C.A. Championship Cookoff, with judging in beef brisket, pork ribs, and chicken. Winners in the Sunday competition will receive cash prizes, unique awards and I.B.C.A. bonus cash money.

The Traders Village event has always been a popular contest for first-time cookers attracted to the “backyarder chicken” category. It’s an event that allows anyone who wants to “get their feet wet” in the world of BBQ competition to do so with a minimum of equipment and expense. Weekend patio chefs with a secret recipe for chicken will really shine at this cookoff.

Entry fees from the Obie-Cue event ($25 per cooker) will be donated to the “KASH FOR KIDS” charity. Last years' entry fees and raffle items generated $4,000, which was donated to help make Christmas more joyful for needy children in Tarrant county.

The barbeque cooks and their cooking devices are a show in themselves at this culinary event. The serious beef barons will showcase custom-made, unique traveling pits with individual touches of creativity to suit the owner’s taste. While the cooking competition can become serious, the atmosphere and camaraderie will be strictly fun-filled recreation.

Cookoff visitors will get a firsthand look at how seriously barbequers take their cooking and their fun. You can look, smell and often taste. If you ask when a team isn’t busy preparing an entry for the judges, you can get some practical tips on how to improve your home barbeque cooking skills.

With the large number of cooks expected at this years event, there will be a need for many judges. The public is invited to sign up, at the cookoff judging area, for a free chance to judge the BBQ competition.

Traders Village is located at 2602 Mayfield Road, Grand Prairie, one mile north of I-20, taking the Hwy. 360 exit. There is no admission charge to Traders Village, which is open every Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM to Dusk. Parking is only $3.00 per vehicle. For more information call 972-647-2331.

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