Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#fudge #cupcakes #redvelvet... UPDATE: 12/20/15


4 cups white sugar
About 1 cup milk chocolate morsels
1 1/2 cups milk

Add all above in sauce pan and heat.Stir a lot.  I repeat, stir a lot.
Bring to simmer.  When mix begins to boil turn down heat slightly and STOP stirring.  This is when you need a candy temp gauge.  Don't have one yet so I let boil for about 5 minutes.  Now learn about "soft ball stage".  

  After fudge reaches soft ball stage, remove from heat and add

4tbs butter,
1 tsp of vanilla extract and 
2 tbs of Caro syrup.
Stir in for 1 minute, stop and let set for another 5. Then continue to stir for another 10 or so minutes until shine is gone from the mix.  
As you see the shine is off the fudge.  This is what you want. Add to pan and fridge.  Should take about two hours to harden.

2nd batch.

The above pic is from my 2nd batch.  Didn't let it boil long enough as you see the shine is still on.  It never did get to the harden fudge stage.  My bad.  Cook and learn.  

Adams Red Velvet Recipe youtube video here.

Cream Cheese Icing

12 oz. cream cheese
2 sticks salted butter
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 cups confectious sugar

UPDATE:  12/20/15


used above recipe exactly except:

Substituted Carnation Evaporated Milk for whole milk. 
My new candy temp gauge worked like a champ.
Fudge softball stage is 238*.  

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