Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"The Sorkin Method" Brisket Slicing...


In the photos below, Sorkin demonstrates how he slices brisket.
separating the flat
Start by separating the thin part of the flat and set it aside for chopping, not slicing.
slicing the flat part of barbecue brisket
Then slice the thick center part of the flat across the grain until you encounter the point muscle on top of the flat. In the photo above he is within one or two slices from hitting the point. These are the slices that most competitors use because they produce a visually pleasing presentation of nearly identical slices.
removint the fat
He then goes into the layer of fat between the point and flat at the thick but end and removes much of the fat. It can be 1/2" thick or more in there and that makes the slices inedible.
splitting the point
The remaining hunk has both muscles, the point sitting on top of the flat, with the grain going in different directions. He slices this hunk in half.
halved barbecue brisket
The right section is a butt end with one cut edge. The left section, from the middle of the brisket, has two cut edges.
slicing the point
Slice the center section as shown, from the outer edge in.
slicing the point of barbecue brisket
Slice the remaining butt end of the point in the same direction as you cut the flat, continuing to cut parallel to the cut end.
brisket sandwich
Sorkin then fans the slices on a bun. Notice the line separating flat and point.
chopped brisket
Thin parts of the flat, which can be drier, are chopped and some of the fat from between the point and flat is mixed in for moisture. The results are crunchy, heavily seasoned, and juicy. They can also be splashed with sauce, and served on a bun.

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