Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cattleack BBQ Gas Controversy... @Cattleackbbq



 above pic link http://texasbbqposse.blogspot.com/2013/05/new-dallas-joint-cattleack-bbq.html

  Well said Marshall, whatever it was.  Shannon agreed.
Same o'l S*** from Rossman. 

This is one of the reason's why Cooper quit the Posse.  Looks like Rossman didn't want Marshall's comment published.  Probably cuz Coop was telling the truth about Cattleack BBQ.  Marshall Cooper knows his bbq.  I'm sure Todd is a great guy.  Most everyone in bbq does it for the love of cooking. Just like the Posse, they do it for the love of Q.
  Shannon Bankston of Fatboy's BBQ says it best above.  Gas, all taste and cooks the same.
"Bryan Gooding", another Posse member, visited Cattleack and said the same.  "Same o'l stuff, nothing special".

  All I bought was 1/2lb of brisket.  Rub recipe tasted like it was thrown together without much experimentation.  I agree with Bryan.  Wont be back. 
 Looks like we have us a Cattleack BBQ "Gasser" Conflict. 
Cattleackbbq says no to Gas.
I call #foul #bs
Set the record straight Cattleack Q, invite me out.  
Operating Instructions for a EL-EDX4

Cattleack BBQ FaceBook Pic.

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