Saturday, March 2, 2013

Smokie's Bar-B-Q Dallas Frankford & Hillcrest...

Well i'm sorry, didn't like it at all.  Not a fan of thick smoked Q.  I know how this guy cook's and he doesn't believe in blue smoke.  Wanna go back and try the fried catfish.  Nice set-up for cooking.  Man I could turn this place into a million buks.  I'll be back for the catfish.

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  1. You must have caught them on a bad day. It happens. The other reviews seem to be contrary to your review. We stopped by there this past February (2014) and though the sausage wasn't anything to write home about. The ribs were cooked to perfection, the brisket had very good flavor and texture. The bbq beans and potato salad were very good. Being a bbq purist myself I am very critical on bbq joints and what I had was waaaaaay better than most any chain bbq restaurant in that area. Is it the best Q I ever had? No. But it was good enough that I'd gladly go back.

    1. You say you have eaten at all the DFW BBQ joints, but in the next sentence you bring up Dicky's??? Dude give me a break. OVER SMOKED CUZ HE DON"T KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING!!! 57 yr Old bbq ROOKIE. Welcome to Urbanspoon. take a number and take a seat. Then go do a bbq weekend in Austin. purist go smoke sumpthin on your chargrill.

    2. Do you ever read things before you respond or do you simply respond without knowing what someone actually typed? Your post has absolutely zero coherence in relation to what I posted. Now go fire up your microwave and heat up your boiled ribs.

  2. DO you See those BLACK RIBS in the pics Above??? WOW I wonder how they got that way. da.