Saturday, March 2, 2013

3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House Frisco... @3StacksDallas

 3 Stacks for Sunday night dinner.  Ribs great, sauce great & brisket very good.  The only negative is it's a bit pricey.  Won't be goin here every week for sure.  I'll be back.
Last weeks pics below...

 In every business there are always a few who do all the hard work.  The day I was there it was these two.  They saw me taking pics and were kind enough to invite me in and take sum of the smokers.  Two pics of the firebox's and some guy with an ass attitude walks in and ask me who I was.  Told him I was Mr. NoBody.  He blows me off and bitches a little at the guy's doing the work so I kindly smiled and left.  They were just being nice.  Think he should have just said "Excuse me sir, your not supposed to be in here". 

 Always watch where your food servers hands have been.
 1LB. baby Back Ribs.
 Vinegar Sauce.
 Regular bbq Sauce.
 Mr Trace Arnold.
  Today I got a lb. of ribs.  Cooked really well, tasted really great, kinda memphis style.  But they are baby backs, hard to mess them up.  Not a lotta meat on my lb.  That's why most places do spares.  Both sauces very nice.  Reg sauce a little sweet, perfect on the ribs.  Next visit will get sum brisket.  Ribs good but this is Texas, brisket no good and good luck to ya mr Trace.    Girl's at the register where super nice.  Only negative for me was the fancy chrome everywhere.  Just a little to much shine for me.  Like my bbq shack's with a little dirt on the floor.  Mr Trace was chatting with all the customers and made everyone feel right at home.  If 3 Stacks can turn a profit they'll be here for a while.  I'll be back.

"UPDATE 4/25/13", Think this sign was made just for me...

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