Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fruita Wood Chunks... update posted in Competition Q Teams......Lounge

  It's not those whom we have attempted to help with our sponsorship program that we have became apprehensive. It's those whom we have not. For their spite and deception has came to haunt us to the point of surrender. We appreciate all those whom participated in out program over the past two years. It is unfortunate that there are others out there that feel they must take advantage of us and raze us of our integrity. We gave when we could and to some that wasn't enough. Those who asked for more than what we had to offer will never understand....... This is a business. I appreciate each and every one of the teams we attempted to support. Unfortunately, there are some of you whom feel we have been deceitful to. It is not you that has resolved our decision to discontinue our sponsorship program. For it is those whom we didn't help that cemented that decision. We gave to teams that we didn't sponsor, and they stabbed us in the back. The likes of Danny Coogle who told us everything we wanted to hear in Kansas City. We donated $200 to his fuel expenses, and listened to him complain about how crappy a particular wood company from GA was. Ten days later, he removed our decal from his trailer and is now endorsing that GA. wood company. He has ridiculed us and attacked us because we picked others over him. We cant make everyone happy. But feel that we can keep from making others mad. By discontinuing our sponsorship program will eliminate the possibility of creating more disconcerting people from this point forward. Again, this has nothing to do with any of the teams we sponsored during the 2012 season. I just wish that we had more participation in our TOY competition. Everything was written in the bylaws that were sent out. We received a sign document from each and everyone one of you stating that you understood the rules and requirement for the TOY program. But still, we were forced to cancel the program due to lack of participation. Some of you feel that we took potential money from you. Don't blame us. Blame those whom didn't participate. They are the one at fault. We only enforced the requirements. We gave and gave and only asked that we receive participation in return. We didn't need to offer a $500 TOY bonus prize but we did. We felt by teams taking the time to submit their score was proof that they were appreciative of what we were offering them. Many failed to do that. Going forward we will be selective in whom we choose to sponsor. It may only be one or two teams and it may be 100% sponsorship. This was our target from the beginning. To be able to sponsor 1 or two teams 100%. What many of you don't understand is that we receive 10-15 calls a week from teams and individuals asking for sponsorships, donations, samples, banners, etc. etc. To be honest we hate to say no, and have helped many. Some have came back for seconds and then have asked us why we gave in the past but wont give now. B this you can see that Its a what have you done for me lately world and not a thank you for your past support one. We wish all of you continued success going forward, and hope you understand our position.

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