Friday, December 7, 2012

Fruita Wood Chunks... Posted in Competition Q Teams Facebook...

  We are sorry to announce the end of our sponsorship program. It seems that those who were selected became upset because we discontinued our in house competition (TOY). We had two simple requests for each and every team. Fly the banner we purchased specifically for you with your team name and logo on it. Secondly, submit your scores from every competition you entered. We didn't cancel the TOY Competition because of the prizes we were obligated to give away. We were pleased to give away over $400.00 n cash and prizes to Rescue Smokers last year. We simply asked teams to follow the procedure. Yes there were some who did, but the majority didn't. There was a requirement that at the minimum of 50% of the teams must participate. Out of the 12 teams we sponsored only 4 were actually participating. We had no choice but to cancel JUST the in house TOY competition. We still supported the teams and lived up to our end of the deal. It was the teams that decided to completely vacate the program. This is the second year in a row that this has happened. I will assume that we are doing something wrong, and take full responsibility. However, I am seeing a lot of greed on the other side. It seems they beg and beg to get a sponsorship. They tell you how great your products are and how they will never use any other product. Then when our decision on whom we are sponsoring doesn't include them you never hear from the again. They even go as far as endorsing other products on their Facebook pages. I recall reading an article in the KCBS Bullsheet last month. Front page. Well that article doesn't just apply to the average Joe attending the competitions. It can easily apply to those Competition Teams who tell you everything you want to hear. But when it doesn't benefit them, they run like wild fire. We have been more than generous with what we offered and ALWAYS gave each team what they asked for. WE even went out of our way to help a couple of other teams out to get to competitions. Yet they have decided that since we would not give them a full sponsorship, they no longer want to display our logo on their trailer.
This isn't directed to every team out there. There majority of you who we deeply appreciate. This is just to let you know how frustrating owning a business can be, and how there are so many folks out there wanting to take advantage of you when ever they can.
We thank all of you for helping us become the leader in the Smoking Wood industry. We will always give everyone the best quality product at the best possible price. We just cant continue to be taken advantage of with a sponsorship program any longer.

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