Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smokin Ronnie's "No-Fail" Rib-Eye Grill Cook...

be sure and marinate the rib-eyes.
my favorite steak marinade is

canola oil
steak seasonings
kosher salt
ground black pepper
1 crushed garlic clove

combine all in baggie, place in fridge
for at least 1 hour.

pile up charcoal in a pyramid.  lighter fluid the charcoal.  carefully light with match.

when fire goes out add your favorite wood-chips to center of pile.  chips will smoke then catch flame.  when all coals are white your ready to cook.

take pic of your dog.

take pic of small car with hot chicks as they drive by.

for grill marks do the "10 o'clock 2 o'clock" method. works great.  4 minutes at 10.  then 4 minutes at 2.  8 minute mark flip steaks. 8 more minutes on backside for a total of 16 minutes.

take more pics of dog.
make hot dogs for all your dogs.  eat all your steak for yourself.  serve with baked potato and mushrooms and enjoy.  there ya go.  16 minute grilled rib-eyes.

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