Friday, August 3, 2012

The King John Mueller of JMueller BBQ Austin Tx. Six Star BBQ...

  JMueller BBQ is texas bbq in it's purist form.  Salt & Pepper, hot & fast pit cookin, gives brisket a serious crunchy bark with a moist melt in your mouth tender taste so spiritual you'll think you've died and went to heaven.  John Mueller is the King of this type of bbq cooking, and he is the King of Texas BBQ.
  Last Nov. John bought my wife and I my birthday lunch at his new trailer in Austin.  Besides the fact that one of my bbq idles was cooking my lunch, the brisket & ribs that day was the best I'd ever eaten in my life.  Many food bloggers & critics say this and that about bbq.  But the men who cook for fun, contest or own a bbg shak no just how difficult this type of cooking is.  You basically create a brisket surrounded by a shell of spices that leaves the inside so tender it melts as you start to chew.  Ever since Nov 12th 2011, I knew where i stood in the Texas brisket cooking world.  Far Far behind John Mueller.
 Recently @BBQsnob Daniel Vaughn has given John the highest rating on his blog of six stars.  Here is the link.

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