Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancho's Mexican Buffet...

  As a kid from Mesquite Texas, dinner at Pancho's meant
a full tummy and all the sopaipilla's i could stuff in my mouth.  $5.50 + tax.  There was always a long line no matter what time you went.  The food was great and the dinning experience a treat.  Many a night was spent at Pancho's with family and friends.

  Over the years Pancho's has been slowly closing down location's.  There are only a few left.  Last night was a trip to Pancho's in Denton.  Upon arrival I was unsure if the place was open.  My first clue went unnoticed.  The memory of mouth watering sopaipilla's smothered with butter and honey was fogging up my common sense.  Didn't take any food pics.  During and after eating, my mood was that of major disappointment.  Felt like the end of an era was happening right before my eyes.  Walking out the front door I looked up and saluted the half lit Pancho's sign.  Thanks for the year's of good times and good food.  Those days are now gone.  And I am very sad.

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  1. I just went to the one in Conroe, Texas last week. The food just doesn't seem the same anymore. I remember the days when a person had to wait for hours in line after church to just get in the building (sherman, TX). I wonder how stuff went so wrong for them?

    1. man i don't know what the hell happened. yes i waited many an hour in line after church myself.