Sunday, January 16, 2011

Story of C. B. Stubblefield...

as told by fb friend Wayne Hatchel.

I knew CB (Stubbs) pretty well I was the original sound engineer for the Joe Ely Band and Flatlanders. So Stubbs kept us from starving back then. Wish he was still around. I've had some good BBQ but of course Stubbs was the best. Not cause he cooked that much better (although damn good) but his sauce was the best. It is sold in grocery stores thanks to Joe Ely. We loved that old black guy and he never let any of us pay for our food. He always told us if your broke and need a meal come on out. He feed us many a Sunday night and then there would be the jam session. He was barely making it at times and Jesse Taylor asked him if he could bring a few friends out to jam on Sun. CB liked the blues and he told Jesse yes. So a bunch of us set up a little sound system and our musician friends came out. That 1st night he sold out of everything he had in the place. Man he was racking in the dough and at the end of the night. He looked at the money and looked at Jesse. He then did it again and asked Jesse you think we could do this again. And of course we did for several years Sun nite was jam night at Stubbs BBQ across the street from the area that has the South Plains Fair.

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