Thursday, January 15, 2015


With great sadness, I am going to tell you this story. Yesterday, Dan Summy got a call from Dewayne Oliver, animal control for Lauderdale county. He asked Dan to go with him to a home where the owner had been arrested and was in jail. Terri Stutts Whalen and Dan met Dewayne there to find three dogs. One bulldog/boxer female, one male bulldog/boxer and this girl. She is a husky/pit mix they said. The man who owned them, and is now in jail, had kept them and bred them to death. This girl had been in bad shape since NOVEMBER. She only weighed 33 pounds and was fecally incontinent, bag of bones, in terrible pain and had not had water for a long while. Her skin would stand up and not go back down. When they picked her up to put in the car, she screamed a blood curdling scream with pain. Dan took her to Dr. Whitlow's office. As Dan waited for the vet, she quietly licked his hand never having known a gentle touch or loving voice. Dan Summy has a way to talk to the animals and fill them with love. This little girl, 3 years old, had been in excruciating pain for a long time, She had fractured vertebrae and a dislocated hip. Since it had been this way so long, the nerves in her spine had died. She would never be out of pain or ok. They made the decision to euthanize her with loving people around her. I am naming her Aurora. I don't know what the monster called her and I don't care. 
Now a lot of people knew about his man and kept him in business buying puppies from him. How can we get our laws changed? The district attorney can prosecute him and I am sure he will but the penalty will not be heavy just because of our laws. 
I wanted to honor Aurora by letting all of you who love animals see one more life wasted and tortured. She had to be noticed and not just another casualty. She would have liked to be loved and have a family. She got 30 minutes of love before she died. 
The reason for the post is not for us to rant and rave but to ask people NOT to stand by when you know about fighting or backyard breeders or neglected animals. Speak up!!!! We will listen. Your name never has to be involved. Those of you who are politically connected, tell us what to do to make changes. Aurora, sleeping beauty, we will always remember you.

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