Thursday, February 20, 2014

@FrostItBakery Frisco Tx.

I AM Addicted to Frost it Cafe Cup Cakes!!!

  Always been a fan of moist, great tasting cupcakes.  Frost it Cafe desserts have to be the best I've ever had.  My Mom could make sum really sweet cake's but the cream cheese filling on top of these clumps of chocolate gooeyness are an OMG moment that when eaten, your eyes close and you will think you have died and went to heaven.
  Sweetest bakers behind the counter has to have something to do with it.  Always service with a smile.  Bring your own glass of Ice Cold Milk, it's a Must have.
If there's none on the shelf, it's cuz they have SOLD OUT!!!
Get There Sooner!!!  Fresh Iz Best!!!

Yes, I am Addicted to Frost it Cafe Cup Cakes!!!

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