Monday, June 10, 2013

Patrick Nolan Wins 2013 North Texas Steak Cookoff Grand Champion!!!

 Here is the top 10 for the 2013 NTSC!
1. Patrick Nolan - Hot Meat in Your Hands
2. Smoke House Rats
3. Pirates of the Primeribbean
5. 3 C Cookers
6. WMD
7. Gene Pruett
8. Just Smokin
9. 311 Grillers
10. Trash Can Cookers

1. Dave Calvery 3 C Cookers'
2. Wrapped in Smoke
3. Paddlin Pigs

BTW Wrapped in smoke went BABE RUTH on us and called that he would get apps, sure enough!

Tim's Tailgate BBQ

Congratulations to Patrick Nolan the 2013 North Texas Steak Cookoff Grand Champion! Patrick won this Custom engraved keg, a check for $2500 and a free entry in to the 2013 Oklahoma Championship Steak Cookoff!

Click link for more pics... 

Click link for more pics also... 

 As my friend Jeff would say... "Next Year will be Off The Hook"!!!

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