Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Swear, I'm a good Dog!

Shelters and humane societies were created to care for stray and abused animals. They weren't meant to be a drop-off for people who don't want to be bothered with their pets anymore. Shelters, on average, take in 100 new animals or more each day. Let's face it -- there won't be enough good homes for all of them. Even the best shelters can't boast much more than a 50% adoption rate. Only the youngest, friendliest, cutest and best-behaved dogs and cats are going to be adopted.

By law, stray pets must be kept several days for their owners to reclaim them. They may not be destroyed until that period is up. These laws don't protect pets given up by their owners. They may be destroyed at any time. There just isn't enough room for all of them. Shelters today are so overcrowded that a pet could be killed the same day it arrives. 

Please help when and where you can. 

There are around 600 million unwanted, innocent, loving, adoptable dogs in the world, many of whom are put to death, simply because selfish, greedy people keep breeding more puppies to try to make money, thoughtless people reward them & encourage them to keep breeding more by paying large amounts for these puppies when they could have saved an innocent life by adopting. Many later decide the dog is an inconvenience and get rid of it, adding yet more innocent dogs to the huge numbers already put to death (even if they take their own dogs to a 'no kill' rescue, that means death row pound dogs that could have had those lifesaving places, can't, so get put to death instead).

People who buy puppies from pet shops fund the cruelty of puppy farms ( see ) where the breeding dogs are abused terribly and inhumanely killed. Some breeders who cannot sell their puppies are known to inhumanely kill the unsold puppies using methods such as drowning.

If nobody bought and everyone adopted, nobody would breed dogs, and eventually, no innocent dogs would die. Nobody wants to admit responsibility and wants to pass the blame, but everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to make this situation better, (and people can by adopting, fostering, sponsoring, volunteering, etc,) or at least not to make it worse by buying, breeding or abandoning dogs, which people know are a lifetime commitment when they take them on.

Love your pets; they are your family too! If you agree that animals feel, suffer, love and the truth about their abuse should be exposed, please honor our work by “like” our page. Thank you!


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