Monday, October 15, 2012

Jeff Wyatt Redneck Cooker Steak & Chop Rub...

Redneck Cooker competing at IBCA Traders Village 2012.

 Three or four times a year Jeff puts on an all day bbq cooking class.  He tells everyone in the class they are more than welcome to join him at any competition to grab some "on the job training".  In the above pic, just behind the beer he gave me, is fellow classmate David Reed of Bonkers BBQ getting some sweet bbq tips on rib cooking.  Redneck Cooker got 2nd out of 85 teams with these ribs.  Them iz sum "Good Tips".

  Jeff's rubs are doing very well on the bbq competition trail.
Last count for "Steak & Chop" rub is sevan outa eight 1st Place Brisket calls. Can't wait to try my bottle.

  To speak with Jeff about his class or to purchase his rubs, visit his website or contact him on facebook.  The phone number on the bottle is his cell.  He does answer and would love to chat up sum Q with ya.

Jeff Wyatt
Glen Rose Tx.


  1. Thanks so much for all the help.....Your truly one of a kind!!!

  2. Jeff and I met thru Facebook. He has called me several times and has given me tips. Using his tips, my team placed 9th with our chicken and 9th with our brisket. And this was in only our 2nd cook off. We are fixin to buy his proven award winning products to start using at cook offs, so look out competition, we gonna be good!!!